The newest treatments for the most serious conditions, such as cancer and heart disease. Health care customized to fit each patient′s needs and medical condition. A personal nurse and a Chinese language interpreter to help you navigate your medical care and support your family′s comfort.

Cedars-Sinai offers all that and more to our patients from China.

Cedars-Sinai is known around the world for outstanding medical care, a reputation built on decades of innovation and research. From advanced diagnostic tests and new cancer treatments to heart transplants, brain surgery and innovative clinical trials, Cedars-Sinai has expert physicians and scientists who are leading the quest for new medical treatments. Whether you are seeking innovative therapy for a serious disease or searching for ways to enhance your healthy lifestyle and prevent diseases associated with aging, Cedars-Sinai makes the extra effort to provide the highest level of patient care, comfort and service.

When you call Cedars-Sinai′s International Health Department, you will be assigned a nurse coordinator who will accompany you to all your medical appointments and treatments. You will be assigned an interpreter who speaks your language and who will help you communicate with your doctors both here and at home.

Our International Health team will coordinate every aspect of your care by scheduling appointments and procedures, helping you apply for travel visas, arranging air ambulance transportation if needed and assisting you in finding housing for your family while in Los Angeles. We also coordinate communication between your Cedars-Sinai doctors and your doctors in China. We will send for copies of your medical records before you arrive in the United States. Through computerized telemedicine links, we can quickly and easily exchange medical information with your doctors at home.

Many patients travel from China to Cedars-Sinai because of our expertise in caring for patients with challenging diagnoses. We know how difficult it is for patients to leave their home countries for medical care in the U.S. All of us at Cedars-Sinai are committed to making the journey to health as easy as possible for you and your family.

Please visit our website, Cedars-Sinai Chinese official website or mail to GroupInternationalHealth@cshs.org

and, for more information in Mandarin, call +001-323-229-4671.